Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Propane Tanks

So it's that time in our ownership experience when we have to deal with our propane tanks.

We have two 30 pound propane tanks in the front of our Airstream.  I vaguely remember the orientation.  Actually, I forgot most of it.

Propane runs the stove top.   It can run the water heater and the fridge, but we have a 50 amp hookup in our campsite so we don't use propane for that.  And it runs the furnace.  Which in Florida is not very useful.  We used the furnace the first night we spent in the Colonial parking lot for like 5 minutes.  Never used it since.

So our propane tanks are probably mostly full, but I've decided it's time to check them. Our Airstream did not come with any propane gauges.  Very odd.  So how are we supposed to know how much gas we have left?

I found this very useful video.

I also found this video while Googling the subject. 

So based on this second video, I purchased two Camco gas gauges from Amazon.  $20 a piece. I'll try them out this weekend and report back.

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