Tuesday, August 30, 2016

My Plans Have Been Thwarted

It is no secret that I am a closeted redneck.  Yes, I like trucks.  Despite having owned Mercedes, Corvette, etc., my favorite car of all time was my Ford Raptor.  And I was disappointed when my condo association sent out a letter saying they were enforcing a parking rule that said your car had to fit inside your parking space.

Well, my Raptor didn't.

My parking space is an anemic 215" long.  Covered parking spaces are supposed to be 240" long, but whoever built this place apparently didn't get the memo.  My Raptor was 232.1" long.

So, apparently, are all other 1/2 ton trucks.  The Tundra is 228.9".  The F-150 is 232".

So, I am denied my truck.

My Escalade, which was purchased because it could tow 8000+ pounds, is only 202.5" long.  So all the similar vehicles (Yukon, Tahoe, Expedition, Navigator, etc.), all those fit.  Not the extended length ones though.  Those are 220" long.

So my only option is to park my truck on the 8th floor (uncovered) and take the elevator down to my floor.  That is the one thing I dislike more than not having a truck.

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