Sunday, July 17, 2016

How Do You Weigh Your Airstream?

I realized that this is not something most people do often, so I figured I'd share my method.

I downloaded two apps to my iPhone. CAT (Certified Automated Truck) Scale and Weigh My Truck (also from CAT Scale).  

CAT Scale is an app that shows all the locations of CAT Scales.  I used it to find my nearest CAT Scale. 

Weigh My Truck is the app you use once you get to the scale to order and pay for the weigh service.  It costs $10.50 to weigh your truck. 

The Weigh My Truck app let me sign in to PayPal so I could pay the $10.50 fee.   I did this before I got to the scale so I wouldn't waste time signing up there.  If you do not use PayPal I assume you can pay at the cashier. 

What you do is you drive to the scale.  Watch carefully as there is one entrance and one exit.  The entrance will be the one that when you drive up to the scale, the call box will be on you drivers side window. 

These scales are meant for 18 wheeler trucks, so the call box will be a little too high for a regular truck.  No worry, since you won't be using the call box.  The app uses your GPS and knows you are at a scale.  Run the app, hit the accept button, and you are done. 

That's it?

That is it. 

A buzzer will alert the attendant your are waiting to be weighed, and they will activate the scale and print out the results.  You need to walk into the cashier to pick up the printed ticket if you want it.  They will email you a PDF so you don't need to pick up the hard copy if you don't want to. 

The ticket will show four weights.  The overall gross weight is what everything weighs.  Then you will get one weight for your front tow vehicle axle, one for your tow vehicle rear axle, and one for your trailer axle(s). 

Compare the weights of you tow vehicle axles to the weight ratings of the axles shown in a sticker on the front door jamb of your tow vehicle.  As long as you don't exceed them, you're ok. If you exceed them, well, time to go on a diet or buy a new truck with higher ratings.

Hope this helps someone else who wants to weigh their truck and trailer. 

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