Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Excessive Data Usage

It Imagine my surprise when I saw my Jetpack consumed 2GB overnight!  It turns out iOS devices are very data hungry, especially when connected to wifi.  When connected to cellular, there are all manner of safeguard to protect you from excessive data usage. 

I guess someone forgot to tell Apple about cellular hotspots. 

First, there's iCloud backup.  It backs up your phone overnight when connected to power and wifi.  Then there's iCloud Photo Library.  It transfers all the pictures and videos you take to "the cloud". 

Then there's automatic app updates.  That 1GB game I have that needed an update?  Downloads overnight when connected to wifi.  Because, you know, wifi is unlimited.  

Unless you are using a cellular hotspot. 


So now we have to remember to turn off about four things on both our iPhones and iPads every weekend so as to not deplete our already healthy 12GB X-large data plan. 

Double sigh. 

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