Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Our First Trip

So our first trip ever will be to pickup our new Airstream from Colonial RV.  We intend to spend the first night at Colonial just to familiarize ourselves with the new trailer and seek assistance if anything is catastrophically wrong.  But the next day we are off to the races!  It is a 1000 mile trip to our new home in River Ranch.  My wife and I took the week off, because it is not about the destination, it is about the journey.  And this may be the last time I set foot in New Jersey. :)  So I am planning the trip back in 5 phases.

Phase 1: Lakewood to Cherry Hill

Phase 1 is a 3 hour, 40 minute drive from Lakewood, NJ to Cherry Hill Park.  I've read many positive things about Cherry Hill.  Also, those 3 1/2 hours will likely turn into 5 or 6 hours since I plan to go slow.  So I plan to arrive at the park around 3:00pm.

Phase 2: Cherry Hill to Americamps

This leg is short, only 2 hours by GPS.  I did this on purpose thinking I might have to decouple my truck and go shopping for stuff.  And I am not in a hurry.  The Americamps park was recommended by Good Sam, so we'll see how that works out.

Phase 3: Americamps to Fayetteville

This is a 3 hour leg down to Fayetteville.  Fayetteville RV Resort was recommended by Good Sam.

Phase 4: Fayetteville to Jacksonville

Welcome to Florida!  The fourth leg of our journey puts us into Florida.  This was a camp that did not have online reservations, so I don't have a confirmation email.  I am supposed to call Matt on my way down.  I shall do that.

This is the longest leg of our trip at about 5 hours.  By now I am hoping I am more comfortable towing and it won't take as long.  But, as usual, we will be on the road by 6:30am.

Phase 5: Jacksonville to River Ranch

Ahhh, the last leg.  This is a 4 hour drive, and we will leave super early anyway so we can arrive at or before 2pm.

I have my AAA and Good Sam Roadside Assistance memberships up to date, I downloaded an app that shows me all manner of campground, Walmarts, LP refilling stations, etc. (Allstays Camp & RV app for iOS), and I recently had my Escalade serviced.  So I think we are ready!  Well, as ready as newbies can be!

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