Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Last Week In Review

So we got home last night from out 2,700 mile trip to New Jersey to pickup our 2014 Airstream Flying Cloud 30’. We stayed in five campgrounds, counting our last campground at River Ranch, our new home away from home.  I thought I'd pen some observations.

The experience was nearly perfect.  I say nearly because our rear AC stopped working. But it did not impact our experience.  We had a blast. We enjoyed the trip up in two days, stopping in Savannah to reminisce about a previous experience we had, and I had the most delicious bag of glazed pecans ever.  Our trip back was over five days and we stayed in several campgrounds.  They were all nice and clean, but nothing like River Ranch.  We are pretty excited about our lot purchase.

I learned a couple of things about myself.  Like the most I can drive non stop is two hours. My butt starts to hurt after that, and I need to get out and stretch.  I also learned it is virtually impossible to eat healthy while on the road.  I know some people manage.  I can't.

I really dislike New Jersey. I'll temper my comments as I don't wish to offend anyone, but that deal with the no left turns at intersections is crazy.  And the roads up north starting around Maryland are in need of repair.  As we entered South Carolina the road quality greatly improved.

There are a thousand things that could've gone wrong, but didn't.  A part of me felt that ignorance is bliss, and that buying a trailer in New Jersey from Tampa is no big deal.  Well, it was a big deal, but nothing went wrong. All went according to plan.  We had a fairly detailed plan as to where we wanted to be by when, but I planned very conservatively and that helped. I learned a lot about my limitations while towing 7,000 pounds.  And about the patience required to drive under the speed limit for 1,300 miles.

The end result is a new home away from home.  A place we can plan on spending our weekends and that we enjoy hanging out at. A place to give us something to do.  Something to look forward to.

A great big thanks goes out to Patrick Boticelli and his crew at Colonial Airstream for selling us our Airstream.  Honorable mentions go out to Cherry Hill Park, Americamps, Pecan Park RV Resort and Fayetteville RV Resort.  All picked via the Good Sam website, all good picks.  And the folks on the Airstream Forums for sharing their knowledge and experience so freely.  Thanks!

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