Thursday, May 19, 2016

Global Positioning System

I am part of the GPS generation.  I have surrendered my sense of direction to the magic little box that talks.  Remember the GPS V from Garmin?  Black and white screen, didn't talk.  That was what?  20 years ago?  GPSs have come a long way since then.  I have tried several brands, and my cars usually have one.  I really like Google Maps, but I prefer to save my phone battery for other things, like, you know, talking.

From all the brands I have tried, I always end up coming back to Garmin.  Well made, easy to use, and they have tons of features.  Garmin has an RV specific GPS that has a directory of RV service stops, and you can program your RV height so it will steer you away from overpasses that are shorter.  I like that.  So we picked up a Garmin 760LMT GPS.  We shall put it to the test this weekend.

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