Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Buy Some Adapters!

So without getting into too much detail, our trailer has 50 amp service, and some campgrounds only offer 30 amp service.  This means we can't run both ACs at the same time.  It also means our power cable won't plug directly into the power outlet without one of these:

So in the one end goes my 50 amp cable, and the other end I plug into the campground 30 amp service.  And don't forget to turn off the AC.  And not use the microwave.

I also have a portable 2000 watt generator I've had for years.   I could use it in a pinch.  Or maybe I need to connect into a household 110 volt plug.  It will give me some juice.   Not all I need, but enough to at least charge the batteries.  But I need one of these:

Both available at Amazon.

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