Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Retirement Planning

No, not the financial kind.  The “where will we spend our retirement years” type planning.  We own the lot at River Ranch RV Resort and we absolutely love it.  We can see ourselves spending quite a bit of time down there.  Except during the summer.  The place is brutally hot.  Snowbirds have it figured out.

So we are searching for a place “up north” where we can spend our summers.  But I dislike the Northeast (long story), and I would rather not drive for 5 days to get to where I’m going.  So North Carolina it is.

A friend of mine turned me onto a place called Newland.  Apparently due to its height above sea level, the average summer temperature is in the high 70’s.  So during our Hilton Head trip we will take a one day detour around Newland, North Carolina to go check it out.

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