Sunday, September 2, 2018

Bigger Blower

We’re big fans of Stihl blowers.  I’ve had the BG50 for almost two years and it served me well.   But my inner Tim Allen has always wanted the BG86 C-E.  It’s the biggest, most powerful handheld Stihl makes.  So my brother-in-law got a new (to him) BG50 and I got me a brand spanking new BG86 C-E.

Arghhh arghhh arghhh...

The BG86 C-E has a more powerful motor to create a more powerful air stream. It also has the Easy2Start feature which makes it easier to start (but not easy enough for my wife to start apparently).  It has a couple of other improvements over the BG50, such as a nicer grip, trigger lock, two types of nozzles and a feature to prevent fuel flooding.  Overall I’m very happy with the upgrade.

A word of caution though.  Do NOT buy the Stihl Motomix fuel.  They charge you $32 for a gallon of what is essentially a $4 gallon of non-ethanol fuel and $2 of oil.  Apparently mixing these for you is worth $26 to then.  No sir. Buy the fuel and mix it yourself.  That’s not worth $26. 

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