Monday, February 12, 2018

New Ladder

We had purchased a 12' ladder when we purchased our Airstream.  I didn't read the description well enough.  It was actually a "8ft. Step ladder; also works as a 12′ Extension ladder".   So it wasn't quite high enough for easy roof access.  My mistake.

But it is an EXCELLENT ladder.  So much so, that I have decided to purchase the "10ft. Step ladder; also works as a 14′ Extension ladder" in the very near future.  I guess I'll sell the other one.
However, we found that we sometimes need something shorter for work around the lot.  So we are purchasing a "6′ step ladder or a 10ft. extension ladder".   These are the three Combi ladder models made by Telesteps.  6, 8 and 10' step ladders.  We liked it that much.

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