Friday, June 9, 2017

Frontier Internet Fail

I ordered Frontier (formerly Verizon) internet service at the ranch.  I was told to expect a tech today.  So I came a day early and waited.  


I called and was told that service was already activated and available (it is not) and that a modem was mailed to me at the ranch (which doesn't accept deliveries to individual pads).  I tried reasoning with the guy but to no avail. 

It would have been nice to be told this when I ordered.  I would have not ordered if this was their plan.  The fact they think they can tell me one thing and then do whatever the heck they want is incredibly frustrating. 

So I canceled the order.  

It is amazing how these supposedly "technology" companies can muck up a simple install.  At least I got here a day early. 

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