Friday, October 14, 2016

The Internet Could Be Worse

So I was complaining about my internet at River Ranch.  AT&T has never worked, and Verizon stopped working, or rather works very slowly, after Hurricane Matthew.

Well, we're at Camp Mack for the weekend, and here neither one works at all.  We are far enough away from civilization that there is ZERO cell service.  Zero. Zilch.  Nada.

Camplink is $10 for three days, and at least I get 10Mbps.

So I'm $10 poorer.  And if you read my previous post, I'm $1010 poorer once I get that back window fixed.  So far this weekend if off to a roaring great start.

We at least had lunch at Achiote, my favorite Puerto Rican restaurant in Orlando.  And I brought back leftovers.

So it's not all bad....

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