Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Boost The Signal

We have very poor cell reception at River Ranch.  And the paid Wifi connection is not much better.  So we decided to give the weBoost 4G-X signal booster a try.  It is hard to find good information about antennas and connectors and things, so I kinda winged it.

I got the weBoost 4G-X which is a mobile (car) version, because the home version was like $900.  This one was already $479.  So if this doesn't work, we go without cell service.

In addition to this booster, which is designed to be installed in a car, I needed a couple more things.  The antennas this kit brings seem inadequate for the RV job.  So I got a bigger internal antenna and cable (so the phones can connect to it) and a bigger "trucker" external antenna (so it can connect to the cell service), and a 120V adapter (the included adapter was only 12V).

weBoost 30' White RG6 Low Loss Coax Cable

Wilson Electronics Dual Band Trucker Mirror Mount Antenna with 3-Way Mount

Wilson Electronics AC/DC 6 V Power Supply

Stay tuned for a review.  If you don't hear from us, well, it means it didn't work... :)

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