Monday, June 20, 2016

ACs Repaired

Well, between the thermostat reset procedure the Colonial RV service folks gave me, and some drain line unkinking and rerouting by an AC repair tech, both my ACs are cooling and not leaking inside the cabin.  Yay!  One down, a couple to go.  Next week, the awning repair saga.


So here's the deal. My ACs do not drain while the fan is on. Apparently the air flow causes some sort of vacuum or resistance that prevents proper drainage. So while the fan is on, water accumulates in the pan. When the fan shuts off, the pan drains beautifully.

So, if the fans are set to AUTO, they turn off every once in a while (when the desired temperature is reached) and the pans drain fine. But, if I leave the fan on HI, after a couple of hours the pan fills up and the ACs start to leak inside the Airstream.


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