Tuesday, May 3, 2016

We Got our RV Lot!

Storing your RV is an important decision.  Since we are about 15 years away from retirement, this will be our weekend getaway.  Therefore, we didn't want to store it in a regular storage place were it couldn't be used, or where I would need to move it every weekend.

We thought about buying a plot of land somewhere, but we are kind of fond of electricity and running water.  Sure, we could have those installed, or we could do what we did.  We bought an RV lot in an RV resort.

Westgate River Ranch, Florida.  About 90 minutes from Tampa.  And it's like you stepped into Fort Wilderness.  They have a rodeo, a little town, and a petting zoo.  Very nice.  The RV lots are also very nice.   We got word today that they accepted our offer on a small lot in a heavily wooded area.

That is my beautiful wife showcasing our brand new lot.  It is small but cozy.  And we own it.  As cheap as a rental place.  And it has a golf cart parking with an electric plug!

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