Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Holding Tank Calibration

The Airstream has three tanks: one for fresh water, one for gray water (water that goes down the sinks or shower drain) and one for black water (from the toilet).  All three tanks are tracked by a Micro Pulse sensor that registers how much "contents" in each tank.

The black water tank was reading 3/8 full even though we had just emptied it.  I found the instruction booklet for the Micro Pulse sensor, and we performed a sensor recalibration.  Basically, you empty all tanks, then tell the sensor they are empty.  Then you fill them up with water, and then tell the sensor they are full.

Well, let me tell you, emptying and then filling up the three tanks is barrel fulls of fun.

Mission accomplished.  Sensors are now calibrated.  Whew.

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